Things to do in the USA for Europeans

There are many fun things to do in the USA, but it all depends on where you are visiting.   For example, in the west, you would want to go to beaches and theme parks.  In the east, you would want to visit the capital,  Central Park in New York, etc.  In the middle of the USA, you would want to go to national parks, etc.

In the west, you should go to:

In the east you should go to:

In middle USA, you should do:

Other things/places that you should go to:

If you really want to go somewhere fun, you should got to San Diego.  In San Diego, you can go to the beach in thee morning, and then to the mountains to go camping that night.  In San Diego, you should go to Torrey Pines Beach to have lots of fun and big waves.  For you dogie folks, you should go to  Ocean Beach (OB) Dog Beach.  There, you can let your dog swim in the waves, swim in a river that flows into the ocean, and then let your dog run on an open sand area.  Then, in the afternoon, you can travel to the mountains and go camping.  Some of the best mountains are Palomar and Laguna Mountain.

To have lots of fun in the tropical category, you should go to Hanalei in Kauai.  There, you should stay at the Hanalei Colony Resort.  Here, you can go swimming in an amazing pool, and then take a path onto the beach.  Most rooms have a view of the beautiful ocean.  For more ideas of what to do in Hanalei, Kauai, you should go see my other blog, What to do in Kauai to have Loads of Fun.


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